Selling is a process, not an event
Here’s a technology to help you manage the process, while you get on with the selling. It doesn’t matter that your process is different, you use your sales process. If you share any of the following beliefs then iwillSELLMORE will help you:
 If I could identify where my process breaks down I could do something about it and increase my sales. See more...
 If I knew why I was losing sales I could change it and then lose less, which would increase sales. See more..
. If I could record my prospects needs I will be better prepared, which would increase sales. 
 If I knew which closes worked and why I could enhance my closing ratio and then increase my sales. See more...breakdown.htmllostsale.htmlclosing.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2

Why You’ll love it

  1. Bullet Increased Sales

  2. Bullet Lost Sale Analysis

  3. Bullet Uses Your Process

  4. Bullet Value/Commission tracking

  5. Bullet Identifies Process Breakdown

  6. Bullet iPhone or iPod Touch

Download now

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As you win and lose sales, your opportunities are rated for you, identifying the best and worst probabilities using current data.

Don’t have or want an iPhone

No problem, you can use an iPod Touch, they’re just as cool and affect your pocket less. You’ll get the same application and all the other benefits the iPod Touch provides you with.

Don’t want to share data

No problem, your data is NOT transmitted or shared in any way. It’s there just for you, when you need it.

Put your process on our technology and increase sales

See more...yourprocess.html